Just an update

So here’s the situation. I quit my job yesterday.

(Cue cries of shock, surprise and anguish)

Honestly, this has been going on for a long time in my head. I’m not leaving for a better company or for better pay, I’m just leaving to be happier. My present colleagues are a joy to work with, in fact, it was the thought of leaving my team that made it so difficult to put the letter in. If there was anything holding me back, it was my office mates.

But I’ve done it, so yes. There you go.

And so here comes the tricky part. I don’t have a new job.

It’s all very scary right now, but I have a vague-ish idea of what I’ll be getting up to. I’ll be doing my own stuff. I’m mysterious like that, but things will get clearer as we go along. Not only will I be travelling and writing more, I’ll also be writing more of the stuff I actually want to write about. And that has to be a good thing.

My family is supportive, but my friends have been incredible. It’s amazing when your friends have more faith in you than you do yourself. I don’t know where they get their fancy ideas from, that I’ll be okay, that I won’t end up eating cold instant noodles for the rest of my life. They’re insane and deserve to be slapped. Me? I just want to be happy.

So I’m looking for a photo of myself to show how freaked out I am about all this and I can’t find any. The thing about me and photos is that I’m always grinning in them, and that doesn’t exactly represent how I feel about the future, as exciting as it may seem.

So as much as I would prefer a photo of myself going berserk and looking scared out of my wits, this is the best I can come up with:

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades (I think).


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10 Responses

  1. Well done & all the best!

    P/S: You may feel freaked out now but a few months down the road, you might start wondering, “Why didn’t I have the guts to do it much earlier?” 🙂

  2. Anis says:

    Thanks R! I hope to think exactly that in a few months’ time 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I did it 4 years ago and I can’t think of working for anybody since.

  4. Go Anis!!!! 😀 You’ll be great 😉

  5. Anis says:

    Well done, Anonymous! I’m glad it worked out for you.

    Hey Hannah- I hope so !! Let’s see how it turns out 🙂

  6. emila yusof says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. emila yusof says:

    I did it too. Not knowing where I was heading (5 years ago) I put faith in my passion to draw and paint.

  8. Anis says:

    If you’ve stuck at it for five years then you’re doing something right 🙂

  9. aimisarah says:

    i’m 26 this year,reading your blog made me want to re-think if working full time is what I need now.hihi.I just love the way you potray your travel.
    Next 2weeks,I’m off for a duo travel with a friend whom I met recently.First time for us.Wish us luck.

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