Turkey, part deux

Later this month I’ll be going to Turkey, and it will be my second time there. I don’t normally make it a habit of visiting a country more than once, but this time it’s unavoidable.

The reason I’m going again is because of my parents. When I went to Istanbul in February 2011, it was for a bunch of reasons. I was about to start a new job and I wanted a break. I’d had a painful split-up with someone and I needed the break, but it was mostly because I wanted to be sure that I didn’t need him anymore. I knew I didn’t, of course, but I wanted to prove it, and I wanted to be certain that I could still travel alone and enjoy it.

This time, like I said, it’s got to do with my parents. When I came back from my first trip, they loved my photos, loved the presents, absolutely loved the Turkish Delight, baklava and apple tea I brought back. “Maybe we can do this one day,” my mum said two years ago.

That ‘one day’ is now here, and it’ll be a very different experience. I’m going to have to walk a little slower than usual, speak a little louder (my dad is hard of hearing) and be a little more patient with them.

My mother has told me that I can leave them to wander by themselves on certain days while I stay at the hotel and write, but I don’t think I’m going to do that. My dad loves to shop and has been scammed so often that I feel the need to be with him all the time. My mum is a little more cautious but is too soft-hearted to leave my dad on his own, so you see what I mean. Not that I’m complaining – I think it’s going to be an interesting trip and I’m seriously looking forward to it.

Wish me luck anyway, okay?


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5 Responses

  1. Most of the travellers nowadays love to travel by their own and never thought of tag along their parents or even their family. I understand somehow there are some difficulties but at least like you, plan a trip or two for your parents. Wish you luck and enjoy the trip to the fullest with your beloved parents. Jealous, I also wish to go Turkey someday. xP

    • Anis Ibrahim says:

      Thanks Diana :-). Travelling with your parents or family is a challenge because of who they are- you can’t exactly ignore them and you don’t want to hurt their feelings or neglect them, but you learn a whole set of lessons along the way. My parents are quite open to all sorts of things (well, they let me travel alone, right? LOL) but the pace will be slower this time. Looking forward to it, though!

  2. Annette Huang says:

    Hope you have a lovely trip. We took my parents round Japan when they were in their 70s – being much younger we tended to sprint ahead of them at times, but they gamely kept up, catching the Shinkansen in its 30-second stop window and travelling to all sorts of out of the way places.

    We had a great time (sometimes there were challenges, especially when we were all tired) but we all have wonderful memories. They still watch their photos and videos from time to time.

    We’ve also been to Penang and Hong Kong together – I really regret that now we can travel any time, they are too old to come with us.

    Happy travels!

    • Anis Ibrahim says:

      Thanks, Annette! How lovely to hear about the trips with your parents! I’ll remember to continue taking my mum and dad out when they’re in their 70s :-).

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