Pulau Ketam

I’m not a beach person but I like islands, particularly those with character and more than just white sand for you to lie on. Pulau Ketam (Crab Island), which lies some 12 nautical miles off Selangor, for instance, may not be a sandy beach type of island but it’s an interesting and photogenic place.

If there was a constant in the elements I noticed about Pulau Ketam, I would have to say it was the colours all around me.

Our day started off with a boat ride from the Port Klang jetty, where I noticed this man resting on a bench:



The main street on the island is Jalan Besar, where most of the shops are. You won’t get hungry if you find yourself on Pulau Ketam- there are lots of seafood restaurants here.


I couldn’t help but notice the pastel shades on these two wooden houses above a restaurant:


These men were enjoying their lunch in what was definitely the most colourful coffee shop I’d ever seen:


Pulau Ketam has a nice relaxed air about it and because it was a Sunday, everyone was enjoying a day out with friends and family. I love the aquamarine blue of the house above:


Later on we wandered into Kampung Sungai Lima. Once again, there were colours everywhere.




I like boats- just like trains, boats and ferries remind me of a slower pace of travel. Fishermen’s boats in particular are always brightly painted:



I noticed these two because the smaller one on the left looked like it was leaning on the shoulder of the larger one:


Getting to Pulau Ketam:

Head for the Port Klang jetty, which is reachable via the KTM Komuter train. From there, take a ferry to Pulau Ketam- tickets for the 30-minute journey cost RM7 one way. Ferry schedules are here.

 *This is the second of five posts for #TSBreakAway


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8 Responses

  1. Khai says:

    Gambar org kayuh basikal tu cantik. 🙂 Ada story. Ada element slow shutter. Ada movement. Background hijau buat gambar tu menyerlah. Can tell that life is so relax there. Hehe

  2. Jeff says:

    I too find islands very boring, unless it has characters like Pulau Ketam.

  3. nateniale says:

    Oh wow. What a charming little town in the island! Shall consider this when I am in KL next time. This will be a nice change…

  4. Jenny Chee says:

    My sis in-law is from Pulau Ketam . What i love most of Pulau Ketam is the foods there 😀

    Everyone know that Pulau Ketam famous with seafood but what i love most is those foods sold by the people staying there . Do you notice some of them just sell some home made foods just outside their home .

    Thanks anis for showing us the colourful life of people there .

    • Anis says:

      Thanks Jenny, I noticed that the food they sold was simply packed and possibly homemade, but I didn’t see them selling outside their homes! How interesting- that’s a good reason to go back and look out for this 🙂

  5. Noel says:

    Hey Anis! Love the colours you’ve captured in these photos!