Love is in the air

Sites like We Met on a Plane make me smile, cringe and groan all at once.

Have you ever ‘connected’ with someone on a flight but never had the chance to get his or her contact details? It’s something like what I wrote here, but it’s a bit more than that. Someone caught your eye and you think (or you’d like to think) that he might’ve noticed you too. Maybe it was a smile, whatever, but that was all that happened and weeks and months later, you still can’t get that person out of your head.

Well, this is where ‘We Met on a Plane’ comes to the rescue. Travellers can submit their flight details- flight numbers, dates, departure and arrival points- together with a short paragraph or two on the person they’d like to re-connect with and the circumstances of their meeting.

I wanted to get an idea of the type of stories posted, so I clicked on ‘Top Voted’ on the website. They range from sweet to over-dramatic to completely emotional, the last being something I imagine would appear between the pages of the ‘Twilight’ books. Which I’ve never actually read, of course.

The site, which was set up by Australian businessman Will Scully-Power, has yet to declare a match. Thirty per cent of visitors, however, apparently stay for more than 10 minutes, either reading the stories like I did or making use of the search function.

So what was Will’s inspiration behind the website? He met his Kiwi girlfriend on a flight from Langkawi to Sydney in July 2011. She was supposed to fly direct to Auckland but upon checking in, was informed of a last-minute change: her plane would be stopping in Sydney, which incidentally, was where Will was going. If her flight hadn’t been rerouted, she probably never would have met him.

So go on then, go check out the stories.


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