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Published, Media Coverage – Five Foot Traveller

Published, Media Coverage


Stories and articles published elsewhere online:


In Travel Times:

1. ‘Rail taste of Siberia‘- Jan 3, 2013.

2. ‘Bumpy ride into Mongolia‘- Jan 10, 2013.

3. ‘China, and the way home‘- Jan 17, 2013.

4. ‘Uniquely Istanbul‘- Dec 12, 2013.



In The New Sunday Times:

I started sending articles to the New Sunday Times while I was travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway (Sept-Nov 2012), thinking that it would be a good way to write about my trip. Little did I know that I would go on writing for the newspaper even after my return. My space has now turned into a weekly travel column. Here is a list of all my articles so far.

1. ‘Making the travel list‘- Sept 23, 2012.

2. ‘The talk that must precede the journey‘- Sept 30, 2012.

3. ‘A place where you take things in your stride‘ –  Oct 7, 2012.

4. ‘The fear of being left behind‘-  Oct 14, 2012.

5. ‘Touched by the kindness of strangers‘- Oct 28, 2012.

6. ‘I will have ‘ants climbing a tree’ with ‘homely tofu’‘- Nov 4, 2012.

7. ‘A rail comprehensive travel‘ –  Nov 11, 2012.

8. ‘Endearing attitude of the Vietnamese‘ – Nov 18, 2012.

9. ‘Why we travel: Discomforts of travel that we love to endure‘- Nov 25, 2012.

10. ‘Spotting each other a mile away‘ – Dec 2, 2012.

11. ‘Telling travellers’ tall tales‘ – Dec 16, 2012.

12.  ‘What you need in a travel pal‘- Dec 23, 2012.

13. ‘Back in Malaysia again‘- Dec 30, 2012.

14. ‘Make 2013 a year of change‘- Jan 6, 2013.

15. ‘Trust your instincts‘- Jan 20, 2013.

16. ‘Hotels from hell‘- Jan 27, 2013.

17. ‘Leave all food worries at home‘- Feb 3, 2013.

18. ‘Being wary while abroad‘- Feb 10, 2013.

19. On unwanted male attention– Feb 17, 2013.

20. ‘Ditch the guidebook, get a travel book instead‘- Feb 24, 2013.

21. ‘Lost? Don’t worry, just enjoy the sights‘- March 3, 2013.

22. ‘Stepping into the ‘new’ Myanmar‘- March 24, 2013.

23. ‘Go far and wide with travel guidebooks‘- March 31, 2013.

24. ‘You’re never alone when travelling solo‘ – April 7, 2013.

25.  ‘In travels, familiarity breeds excitement‘- June 9, 2013.

26. On travelling with my parents in Turkey: ‘Slow down and enjoy the sights‘ – June 16, 2013.

27. ‘The making of a good traveller‘- June 23, 2013.

28. On Penang, and how locals can help in tourism– June 30, 2013.

29. ‘The domino effect of one good deed‘- July 7, 2013.

30. Nothing is ever really ‘within walking distance‘- July 14, 2013.

31. On the Atlas of True Names: ‘Tracing ‘Mountainland’ and ‘Muddy Mouth‘ – July 21, 2013.

32. Reflections on Ramadan: ‘Gifts from people I had never met‘- August 4, 2013.

33. On reuniting with the people we meet on our travels- ‘How travel transforms us‘- August 11, 2013.

34. On Malaysian female travellers: ‘What you risk reveals what you value‘- August 18, 2013.

35. On older travellers: ‘One is never too old to travel‘- August 25, 2013.

36.  On what makes a good Malaysian– Sept 1, 2013.

37. On taking the long way home and travelling overland from Russia– Sept 8, 2013.

38. On Kuala Lumpur- ‘KL’s soul is found in the shiny, glitzy and quite‘- Sept 29, 2013.

39. ‘The magic of Hafiz and the fireflies in Cherating‘- Oct 6, 2013.

40. On Bali, and how much it has changed- ‘Change is inevitable‘- Oct 13, 2013.

41. On things people leave behind in airplanes– Oct 27, 2013.

42. On the Situationist movement in France- ‘Drifting with intention to uncover new things‘- Nov 24, 2013.

43. On the microadventure- ‘Why a quick midweek adventure is important‘- Dec 1, 2013.

44. On people-watching in the Beijing West Train Station – Dec 15, 2013.


Speaking engagements:


1. At the Malaysian International Tourism Bloggers Conference and Awards 2013, where I spoke on writing travel stories.

2. At the Asian Women’s Empowerment 2013 conference, where I gave a writing workshop and spoke as a panelist in a travel forum.

3. At Memory in Twenty-First Century Malaysia, a conference jointly organised by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and The Memory Network, United Kingdom, where I presented a paper on using psychogeography as a means of exploring.


Media coverage:

‘The Travel Spotlight’ for April 2013, in The Travel Chameleon- April 22, 2013.

Women living their dream‘ in The Star, November 3, 2012.

Why every woman should travel solo‘ – Sedunia Travel, October 29, 2013.

The five-foot flashpacker‘ – People With Stories, December 30, 2013.

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  1. Richard Tankersley says:

    Hi Anis,

    Greetings from the Malaysia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (MNZCC).

    I have been reading your articles in the NST regularly, and for one of the popular New Zealand Annual Dinner & Dances a few years ago, I recall meeting you and I thought you produced one of the articles in the NST.

    I sent you an email. Kindly email me with your office number, or mobile, and I will call you.

    Many thanks.

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