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Two weeks from now, I’m going to be reaching a milestone- my fifth continent.

I’ve been thinking about Africa for a long, long time. It’s not a cheap destination, whichever country you choose to visit. Getting around the continent isn’t cheap either, and Africa is so diverse that it would be a shame to settle for just one country, if you have the time to hang on a little longer.

For many years, both these factors -time and money- have conspired to take me away from exploring this part of the world.

Before September 2012, time had always been an issue for me. Getting time off from work to travel was always a challenge, but now that I don’t have a regular office job, I no longer have that problem (I don’t have as much money as I used to either, but I’m happier now and I’ve learnt to get by with what I have).

And so all of a sudden, Africa became a possibility.

I’m going to be flying into Cape Town later this month. From there, I’ll be travelling overland into Namibia. After that, my route gets rather interesting, because…well, because it’s not confirmed yet.

I’m going to be alone for the first two and a half weeks, before I meet up with a friend in the last leg of my trip. I won’t be by myself throughout those first two weeks, so although I’m getting the usual pre-trip jitters, I’m more or less confident that I’ll be all right.

But wish me luck anyway, okay?


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15 Responses

  1. Zara AB says:

    Didn’t know that you’ve changed the blog template! Nice one!

    Good luck + all the best in exploring your 5th continents! Have fun too!

  2. DebbZie says:

    Yay! I’ve only been to south Africa and it was awesome.
    Africa is my most fave continent after Europe. I’love to explore different parts of it one day.
    Have a safe and fun trip, Anis. I can’t wait to read your stories 😀

    • Anis says:

      I must search for your stories then!! I’ve heard so many amazing things about Africa, I’m really looking forward to this trip 🙂

  3. Febry Fawzi says:

    Wow!! It’s very interesting. I can’t wait to see your journey.
    It’ll be going fine if you believe so. I have Japanese friend who travel from the northern part to southern of Africa but he can do it even with his limited English.

  4. Naim Y says:

    Yes, Africa has always been intriguing. All the best for your journey.
    We did South Africa in May last year, fantastic country! – see stories here:
    We plan to return to Africa next month, to explore the ruins in the deserts of northern Sudan. This should be fun. 😀

    • Anis says:

      Thanks very much for the link, encik Naim! I’ll definitely have a look at your stories before I leave. All the best!

  5. Nisha says:

    I know how it feels to accomplish such goals. I’ve also traveled to 5 continents but the part of Africa you are going has eluded me so far.

    All the best! I know you’ll be safe & bring many, many stories & tempt me more to do what you’ve done. 🙂

  6. Kamal Shah says:

    Good luck, Anis.
    Don’t forget to pack your Paul Theroux’s African train journey books.

    • Anis says:

      Thanks, Dr Kamal! There’s so much to read and I’ve got to choose whatever I bring…don’t want to be lugging a thick book all over the place!

  7. Khai says:

    Africa, huh? Hehe

    Lucky you Anis! Glad we could meet up before you go there next 2 weeks. Gonna be one hell of an adventure. Do update us of your travel journeys and if possible, nak poskad! Hahaha

  8. Good luck and have fun!