Two hours to 2016

I never thought I’d manage to squeeze this piece in before the end of 2015 but hey, here I am.

These past few days have been the busiest I’ve ever been the entire year. I am not joking. I was meeting deadlines right up to 7.56pm on December 31, 2015 when all you lucky people of the world were either: i) all dressed up and already at your New Year’s Party or ii) on your way to your New Year’s Party.

But no, not me. Noooo. At 7.55pm, I was still struggling to finish work for a client, desperate to hand it in before the end of December 31 (because it’s so NOT COOL to owe someone work from the year before) while replying to messages from another client at the same time AND trying to use my superpowers to conjure up a food replicator so that I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about not helping out with dinner.

But that was two hours ago. It’s now 10 o’clock where I am, I’ve completed my work for the year (hah!) and since I’ve got two hours left before 2016 steps in, this’ll be a good time to look back at the last twelve months.

I learnt a lot this year but the one thing that stood out for me was when I realised that I really, really love long walks. It was in New Zealand on the Routeburn Track when it hit me that I truly enjoy walking, and for hours. I think I like doing this. My feet were killing me and I was tired, but I was outdoors and I was happy.

After that came France and England. I didn’t do any long walks in France but I would walk as often as I could. England was a stroke of luck. Like France, England was unplanned but I saw the opportunity for another walk and grabbed it and in October, I went to Yorkshire and walked 55km of the Cleveland Way.

And despite how badly my feet hurt on those four days, I found myself thinking, I really, really like this.

Next year won’t be any different. I’ve got two long walks planned in the months to come. The first walk will be on the edge of winter and will take me six days to complete. The second one is longer and more ambitious, and I’ll be walking for nine days. But I think I’ll manage. We all have to.

Happy New Year, everyone! May you stay safe and be happy.

© 2015 – 2016, Anis. All rights reserved.

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12 Responses

  1. Annie says:

    Happy New Year Anis 🙂 Peace and be cool

  2. Nisha says:

    Oh dear!
    Where are you going for walks? I also love walks but for days? No, I haven’t done yet. Would love to do it sometime.

    Wish you a very Happy & walkful New Year Anis. 🙂

  3. Mumun says:

    I’ve been thinking about doing long walks but somewhere in a more pleasant climate. Am I making excuses, or is that a legit reason to not do it in humid Indonesia?
    Ever considered the Camino Walk?

    • Anis says:

      The ‘problem’ with countries like ours is that they don’t have long distance walking trails. We’ve both got hiking trails of a few kilometres up and and down mountains (in Indonesia’s case, volcanos) but if you’re talking about a properly managed public walking track of more than 60km in the countryside, Malaysia doesn’t have it. So it’s not so much an excuse, it’s a valid reason- walkers need proper trails. I once woke up one morning at home feeling desperate for a longish walk and I ended up walking along one of our highways, which was ridiculous.

      I’ve thought of the Camino, but it’s got sections on tarred roads and goes through towns/cities, which I’m not too fond of. Also, I understand that it can get very busy on the Camino and that’s not something I’m particularly excited about. I’m not putting down people who’ve done the Camino or the Way itself, I think those who’ve done it are a very special breed, I just prefer something quieter.

  4. Danial says:

    Five Feet Flat has finally lived up to its name?

    Happy New Year Anis!

  5. thatsofarah says:

    Long walks are also part of my 2016 plan. Now I know who to look up to for tips. 🙂

    • Anis says:

      …….says the person who’s been climbing for what, 10 years already?? :). I’m looking forward to your adventures too!