Musn’t forget the painkillers

I’m leaving for Istanbul in two days and tried my rucksack on a few hours ago.

It’s not heavy (I’ve taken out my three pairs of stilletos, hairdryer and giant makeup bag) but because of my bad back, I need to be a bit careful. Together with the normal junk that goes into a rucksack, I’ll need to bring my regular dose of painkillers and muscle rub creams.

My feet are also flat, which essentially means that they have no arches like how all you normal people do. If you stand, you’ll see a little space between your feet and the floor- now that’s the space I wish I’d been born with.

There’s a scientific term for flat feet (always makes one feel a little important, doesn’t it, when there’s a special term), which is pes planus, or fallen arches. Arches may not seem very important but what they do is they cushion and protect your feet when you walk and distribute your weight evenly as you move. People with flat feet can’t walk or run for too long otherwise their feet, knees and ankles will start to hurt.


But never mind. It’s nothing which a good Turkish massage can’t sort out.

I wonder if I might have room for just one pair of three-inch heels.

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4 Responses

  1. Paksu says:

    I’m no shoe expert, and you probably know this by now already.

    But if you go to Adidas (KLCC, at least), they can actually analyse your foot-type, and recommend which shoes you’re suitable with. I did just that, after doing a good damaging for 10 years to my foot with the wrong shoes.

    You can test your foot-type at home, I blogged it here:

    You’re an over-pronotion, if I can recall the term correctly.

    Love your blog, by the way. Envying your travel record.

  2. Anis says:

    Hi Paksu,

    Thanks for visiting! And thanks for giving me the link; I usually use orthotic inserts which give me some relief, but after a while, my arches and ankles will start hurting. Part of the problem is all those years of using my rucksack which of course adds to the pressure and weight and so on and so forth…..

  3. sharon baker says:

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  4. Vaani N says:

    Hi Anis! I am 6 years and 2 months plus delayed to read and comment. i am sorry you don’t have the ‘space’ to cushion your gait but i hope that is the only ‘short-coming’ you have. May you be blessed with good health (otherwise) to travel so that we are inspired to do the same.