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The purpose of this post is to prove that I wasn’t lazy during my trip. I actually did some work.

(No, really. Seriously).

While I was travelling, I wrote a weekly column in the New Sunday Times. Ideas for some of the pieces came easily; other times, inspiration came at the last minute and after many cups of coffee. Some of the articles I wrote in the comfort of my hostel room; some I wrote lying down or while sitting up in my berth in my train compartment.

Here are my pieces, in order of appearance. The paragraphing on some of them didn’t come out quite right in the online versions, so please ignore that.

Sept 23: On notable fellow travellers I met in Russia.

Sept 30: On preparing those at home for your extended travels.

Oct 7: On Mongolians and horse-riding in Mongolia.

Oct 21: On the horror of being left behind.

Oct 28: On the kindness of strangers.

Nov 4: On a hilarious Chinese menu.

Nov 11: On what I love about train travel 


Have a good read and have a great week ahead.


© 2012 – 2013, Anis. All rights reserved.

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4 Responses

  1. KNizam says:

    great travelogue on trans-mongolian. my dream to do the trans-siberian as well. great photos!

  2. says:

    Welcome back! Awesome articles! Keep on writing about your adventure.. Love reading them!

  3. AngieLiam says:

    Hi Anis. Thanks for your travel-log. I am very keen to follow this adventure. Is the transiberian trip safe for a lady solo-traveler? Which route did you take? Did you depart from Beijing? Were you on your own or with company during your adventure trip? Is February, winter month suitable for this train travel? Sorry for that train of questions. Anyhow, hope to hear from you soon. TIA.

    • Anis says:

      Hi Angie,
      Yes, it is safe for a solo female traveller, provided you keep your wits about you and look after yourself. I did this trip in 2012. I went alone and flew into St Petersburg and travelled overland until I reached Kuala Lumpur. February will be bitterly cold in that part of the world and although the trains (and hostels) will be heated, don’t forget that you’ll need to bring winter clothing, which will add weight to your backpack. If you have any further questions, email or message me via my Contact page.